Easy Design System

Papillion Web Design Pros makes launching your new or redesigned website a simple and pain-free process.

Rather than bog you down in all of the complex web terminology, we break the design And development process down into four simple steps.

First Step:  Plan Your Website

Before anyone takes a pen to paper, we need to understand what you want to accomplish with your website.  Some websites are designed to inform the public, some are designed to generate leads and others are intended to directly sell products and services.

During this step we learn what you intend to do with your website and we plan the pages required and what each page needs to do.  This is how we develop a cost estimate for your web development project.

Second Step:  Design the Look of Your Website

Once we have an estimate that tells us what we will be doing, we need to create a graphic representation of your website.

You will know exactly what your website will look like before it is even coded because our graphic designers will create a unique template for your approval.

We will ask you questions about your logo, the colors or look you are after, and what your customers will respond to.  With that information in hand, we will create and present a “first-draft” to you for your review.

We expect changes, and provide you with unlimited revisions so we can create the exact look and feel you want for your organization.

Third Step:  Code Your Website

After we all have agreed on the look of your website, the next step is to transform the artwork into a functional website.

During this process we create a skeleton for your website in the form of pages and then add content like text, images, or videos that you provide or that we create on your behalf.

Once the pages have been populated and everything is functional we will present it for your approval and make changes as required.

Fourth Step: Put Your Website on the Internet

After we have a final approval your website will go live on the internet.  Once it is live people will be able to load your website on their computers, smartphones, and iPads.  Search engines will also begin the process of discovering and archiving your content for ranking in their indexes.

We also do our best to give your website a successful send off.  Among other things we pay to feature your website on a top rated local radio station, list it in our portfolio, and post on blogs we own to help send traffic your way.

After the dust settles we will look at where you are ranking in the search engines and determine if any additional efforts need to be made to get you where you want to be.

Take a moment to contact Papillion Web Design Pros today and let us get the process started for you!

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